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Luxury Villa to Rent in Tuscany: Villa Termini
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The charming property recently restored, is a typical Tuscanic mansion which matches discretely with the natural environment in an area where the human touch and nature complement to each other.

That is the result of a long historical process which takes place in ancient ages, actually the whole area has been centre of human settlements since the Etruscan civilization (VII BC) and the property keeps memory of that as in the left hand-side of the garden is an Etruscan tumb (chambre tumb) which is today a lemon – house.

The peculiarity of the villa is the huge green area all round, projected by a garden designer, the park o ers pictoresque views which are a sight pleasure. A green terrace in front of the main villa, furnished with table and chairs, overlooks the front hills with their enchanting colours which change daily and throughout the year.

On the left handside is a terrace garden with fountains and statues which are characteristic of the Italian garden. Plants and trees are typical of the Mediterranean vegetation with colorful scent flowers.

Through the steps you will reach the hilltop area covered with green grass surrounded by Mediterranean umbrella pinus, cypressus trees and a pretty rose garden; lower is a small patch of grass with fruit trees which are coverd in flowers during the spring season. In the middle of the lawn is the large pool (7x14) and a pretty dependance surrounded by purple and white wistaria trees, the patio in front of the building is furnished with a big table, chairs and barbecue .